Searching for the line between "hobby" and "obsession"

Fraz(zzled) Wheat

OG was supposed to be 1.046 by the recipe (Northern Brewer Raspberry Wheat extract, partial boil). My OG came inMy new wort chiller can be seen at left a bit light at 1.042 but I had no idea what to do about that yet at this point. The FG landed at 1.012 when I bottled two weeks later (7/10/10). I didn’t do a secondary fermentation for this batch, as I’d heard that isn’t completely necessary with wheat beers. Well ok then! Less transferring = less opportunity for infection. I’m game.

(76.08(1.042-1.012) / 1.775-1.042) x (1.012/.794) = ABV = 3.97%

Oh yeah: New Equipment Alert!
I bought a wort chiller sometime in between my last batch and this one. Man that helps get the temperature down FAST. 20-25 min. to go from 212 degrees to about 75. Plopping the kettle in an ice bath in the sink took close to an hour to get it down low enough. Big upgrade because after your temp drops below 170-160, the longer you go before inoculating the wort before the fermenter is sealed, the greater risk you have of your batch becoming infected.

I think this was the lightest-bodied beer I’ve made thus far and definitely the best received by those who wouldn’t describe themselves as “really into beer.” This is also the beer my wife has liked the most, as she is more of a wine drinker. She is not the only one asking that I brew something similar for summer 2011. I plan to comply.

Oh, and this was the first batch I brewed with all Minneapolis tap water. Haven’t really used much spring water since. Tastes great.


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