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Paw Prints

My wife had the great idea of etching a paw print on each bottle. I’d been thinking about labels since about the time Istarted brewing. The thought of working so hard to develop them and spending money on printing them off for eachPaw stencil batch was a bit of a deterrent, but then when you add in the fact that I’d be scraping a lot of these labels off only to pay for, print and apply new ones was far too daunting.

Michelle’s glass etching idea is perfect for my situation. It gets the “branding” point across and stays on forever through infinite cleanings. The only problem is that the bottles don’t differentiate the brew. I will continue to mark all the bottle caps with the brew’s initials to differentiate multiple batches from one another.


Production Line


Finished Product


2 responses

  1. anon

    This wife our your sounds pretty brilliant. You are lucky to have found such an amazing woman!

    January 3, 2011 at 5:57 pm

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