Searching for the line between "hobby" and "obsession"

Being in a band has its (craft) beer perks

More adventures were to be had last weekend. On Friday night, my cover band played at Babe’s in Lakeville. In addition to a handful of cash, we usually get good deals on food and drink so I decided to throw back a few Summit Winter Ales before we got on stage. Summit is doing a really good job at getting their seasonals out in the bars. I swear I’ve had a Summit Winter (or had the option of getting one) at most places we’ve eaten at in the last few months. Each time I have a Winter, I thing about how much better it could be if served out of a cask. I feel like this malty ale has enough backbone to demand that kind of attention.

My cover band, FlashMob! at Babe's in Lakeville this past weekend

On Saturday night, the wife and I hit up Kingss Wine Bar with a friend not far from our place in South Minneapolis. Considering how Kings bills itself, it’s got a decent tap and bottled beer list. Check it out.

I’m usually opposed to buying bottled beer over tap when out at a bar, as I think beer out of a keg just tastes much more like beer should taste — alive. Taking this into consideration, I still couldn’t turn down the opportunity to have my first Bell’s Hopslam of the season even though they only had it in bottles. Love the subtle honey notes combined with the Glacier hop punch-in-the-face this beer provides.

Next I tried Summit’s Oatmeal Stout that Kings had on tap. You know, it didn’t taste too far off from the basis of my coffee stout (before I added the pot of nicaraguan blend peace coffee, of course). I think this beer was my favorite of the night. I’d definitely order it again.

Finally, since we were hanging out and making a night of it, I got Fulton’s Sweet Child o Vine on tap. I’ve had this beer multiple times before, but probably not since last summer. It’s a very straightforward, highly hopped IPA. Simcoe and Glacier hops attack your tongue like delicious knives. I should have had this beer with dinner instead of for “dessert.” The Oatmeal Stout would have sat much better as the last beer of the night. I think my palate was ready for bed at this point.

It was a fun weekend for sure!


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