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Harriet Brewing’s Batch One

Mmmm mmm. I had the chance earlier this week to crack the growler of “batch one” I got from Harriet Brewing on their opening day last weekend (check out my prior post for more detail). I can see how this could have been a mean IPA if the hop bill had been kicked up to meet the malt profile, but it sure is nice to have a smooth, subtle, thick IPA in the middle of winter here in Minneapolis. Tasted much like I remember it tasting when I visited our city’s newest brewery last weekend. I highly recommend and am looking forward to trying more of Jason Soward’s brews in the years to come.

The inaugural release of his Belgian style West Side IPA (which will be a different batch than I’ve sampled, one hopped as planned) will be just up Hiawatha from the brewery at the Blue Nile Restaurant and Lounge this coming Wednesday, February 9th. I plan to arrive thirsty.


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