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Explosive fermentation on the SOB batch

I woke up to go to the bathroom at about 5:30am the morning after the SaiSon of a Bitch brew day. Naturally, I went into the office just to check and see if fermentation had started yet. BAM!

Well, not exactly “bam” but maybe earlier in the night some sort of audible sound had occurred when the airlock popped off the carboy. Son of a bitch! Now you know exactly how this batch helped earn it’s name.

Check out the pics below showing the SOB before fermentation began, what I awoke to find and what it looked like after I spent the early hours of Sunday morning cleaning up little drops of crusty beer from all over the office, including the ceiling. I’ve learned my lesson: always attach blow-off tubing for the first 24 hrs. after pitch.

Mutt on the left, SOB on the right -- pre-fermentation

This is what I awoke to 12 hrs. later.


Blow-off tube attached, we're safe now.

Leinie helps clean up


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