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Schneider Weiss

One of our days in Zurich was occupied with a brief train trip out of town up to Üetliberg to see the city and Zurichsee from afar. Very cool views from the tower:

That evening, we checked out this bar on the west side of the Zurichsee for a beer after dinner. I had a Schneider (dunkel) Weiss, the first dunkel weiss I’ve ever tried. BJCP style guidelines list this particular beer as an exemplar of the style (15B). I’m guessing Schneider refers to this beer of theirs as just “weiss” instead of “dunkel weiss” because old-fashioned Bavarian wheat beers were often dark in color.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t yet in the habit of taking copious tasting notes this early in the trip, so I’ll just say it was “pretty good.” I know I don’t remember it being amazing, just rather interesting mainly because it was weird to taste a wheat beer that looked kind of like a brown ale.

Another great night on the water! Here are the beers this place (can’t recall the name) had to offer:


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