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Final round of the NHC competition is today

My Scootin’ Scottie Ale competes in the biggest homebrew competition in the U.S. (nay, the world?) in San Diego today. TODAY! Results will be announced at an awards dinner this coming Saturday night. I’m not sure when they’ll be posted online, but I hope they don’t wait too long.

Though the package containing labels and mailing instructions (along with a ribbon and certificate) for the final round arrived after we had left for Europe, my mother-in-law was nice enough to grab the materials from our house and mail three bottles of SSA off to San Diego for me. The online portion of the submission was a bit confusing to her (rightfully so), but I was actually able to find an internet café in Tuscany and complete that part using information I’d posted on this blog months ago as I was brewing the batch. Go blog!

I will of course post about any good news on the Barrking Dog Facebook page as soon as I hear the results, with a blog post to follow. Given the fact that this is my first competition, I’ll be pretty surprised if I place at Nationals. Fingers crossed though!


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