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Northeast Homebrew Club Summer Grill Out

Instead of having a monthly club meeting at Pracna on Main in July per usual, the Northeast Homebrew Club decided to organize a little BBQ – or, sorry – “grill out” (for those from south of here who insisted the event be re-named, as no actual barbecuing occurred). Touché.

The party was held at Adam’s place in Northeast. We got a little tour of his brew setup, sweet in-home bar and his saaz hops that have somehow survived being planted far too deep, upside down and having been accidentally attacked by a weed wacker. There was no shortage of great homebrew, craft beer and delicious foodstuffs. I believe I brought some of my kölsch and amber kölsch, as well as a saison or two. Some of us even brought the wives and kiddos. Good times. Here are a handful of pics:

Nate, one of the club organizers. Pretty serious about... something.

Andrew tapping a 1 gal. "keg" of Bells Oberon. Very tasty summer brew.

It was really fucking hot out on the 16th. This grill might not have even been on.

I believe that's my kölsch on the left and amber kölsch on the right.

Mmmmmm. Excellent stuff right here! Imperial saison. Perfect.

Yes, Adam has registered his house as an official check-in spot on FourSquare. Wow.


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