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August hop crop update

Things have been going very well at the Barking Dog Brewery hop farm considering it’s only season 1 for these five plants. I already have a lot of hops (maybe a quart’s worth?) on the Cascade bine, a handful with many more tiny buds on the Centennial and just a few on the Northern Brewer and Hallertau plants. The Chinook plant is just now starting to grow a few small buds, but it appears to have mainly focused on growing in length instead of on hop production thus far. In fact, it’s definitely the longest plant by far, reaching completely over the Hallertau plant and now almost touching the Cascade plant.

The pictures of the hop cones/buds below below were taken on 8/23/11.

Northern Brewer - one of just a few growing cones

Check out the rest here:

Cascade - the highest producer of the five plants

Hallertau - I think these are the only cones it's produced so far

Chinook - all focused on gaining length, it has seemingly forgotten to produce cones. This is all I could find.

Centennial - a good handful of cones this size have been produced with many more on the way


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