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Saison Dupont, or should I say “Saison DuSkunk?”

Why oh why do any breweries ever… EVER use green bottles? I don’t get it. Green bottles don’t keep out enough of the UV light that skunks beer – unlike brown bottles that do an ok job under most circumstances.

I’d heard about how Saison Dupont is an exemplar of the saison style so I picked up a bottle to give it a whirl.


Pure skunk. Gross. I have a hard time picking out a lot of flaws in beer, but skunk isn’t one of them.

Ditch the green bottles. Worthless. Never buying beer in a green bottle again if I can help it. Especially not imported beer like this. A trip across the Atlantic is too long a journey without proper protection.


2 responses

  1. Word man, Im so not down with that Heineken taste. My experience with Dupont was similar, I love saison but just couldn’t get into the Dupont flavour due to skunky, pissy taste. How was your summer by the way? I’m working in a brewery here in Victoria now, so I’m pretty stoked on life…

    September 8, 2011 at 1:08 am

    • Hey BB – summer was good, though current temps in Minnesota are just now getting into the sweet spot for me – mid 70’s and low humidity. Fall is definitely my favorite season. Wish life could always be like this. Got two rye ale batches bottle conditioning right now, one with pumpkin and a lot of spice and one with just a little spice. Two of my five hop plants (Centennial and Cascade) did well this summer considering they’re in year one. Not quite sure when I should be harvesting though. They’re not super aromatic on the bine yet. Participated in a few of my first homebrew competitions, got some good feedback. Good times.

      Man that is awesome about your brewery gig. Jealous! What exactly are you doing and for whom? I’ve been thinking about putting my business experience into managing operations at a brewery some day. I’ll be looking around in a few years for something new, so who knows.

      September 8, 2011 at 8:55 pm

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