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The Herkimer

The wife and I hit up Lake of the Isles dog park with friends Laura and Cristof last weekend and then headed to the Herkimer for lunch. Turns out the Herk was having their Oktoberfest bier release party. Perfect timing! Both Cristof and I had some of this year’s fest bier (very carmely, malty, Oktoberfest perfection) and I also tried their version of Gose beer (tasted a lot like a saison, not as sour as I would have expected). The only crappy part was the HORRIBLE service by our hipster waiter. Wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt but he kept being fucking up and not caring about it. I won’t promise that I’ll never go back to the Herk (I’ve usually had unmemorable waiters there, which is a good thing), but I’m not exactly itching to return.

Cristof had a lot to say about the Herkimer and it’s head brewer over lunch, having had a chance to interview the owner to write a feature on the brew pub in his former life as a journalist (Cristof has since sold his soul and gone into PR). You should check his story out. Very entertaining and informative!

Happy despite the hipster.

Quality time with the mascot


One response

  1. Lynda Wright

    Glad the mascot enjoyed a little hospitality too!

    September 15, 2011 at 12:51 pm

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