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Byggvir’s Big Beer Cup homebrew competition

This past weekend, I took the highest scoring beer from the five that I entered into the State Fair competition and entered it in Byggvir’s Big Beer Cup, the Minnesota Renaissance Festival’s homebrew competition. My amber fermented with kölsch yeast (Burning Bridges Amber Ale) will compete at Byggvir’s in the same category as it did for the State Fair competition, Category 23 – specialty beer.

Judging will occur 9/24-9/25. It’ll be interesting to see how different (or similar) judges rate Burning Bridges, which scored a 37/50 at the State Fair competition.


One response

  1. My amber ale that scored 37/50 at the state fair only scored 25/50 at Byggvir’s Big Beer Cup. Boo. Pretty disappointed. I’ll note that only one of the three judges tasting my beer was BJCP certified. The other two were novices.

    October 2, 2011 at 3:09 pm

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