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I tried my hand at a maibock back on 1/15, again taking advantage of the long MLK Jr. weekend to brew this year. This is becoming a tradition. Instead of doing a double or triple decoction, I tried to select mostly well-modified malts (the vienna was recommended to be step-mashed but whatever) instead of doing a double or triple decoction as per German tradition. I did throw half a pound of melanoidin malt in the bill to emulate a little bit of the extra body I might get through decoction mashing. We’ll see how it turns out.

I’m focused this winter on taking advantage of ambient temps in my house to do some lagers. This makes lager batch number two (the first was a rauchbier now in secondary at 35* in the closet next to my garage). My wife is due with our first kid in a few weeks, so I’ll have no life pretty soon but I’m still going to try and squeeze in one more lager in late February/early March before I move back to doing ales in April or May.

You’ll see some pics of the batch in this post, the first of which was probably taken 48 hrs. after pitch and the second which was taken 8 days after pitch as I write this post. The airlock is still bubbling once every 4 seconds or so and the temp has dropped from 56* at high krausen to just 50 or 51* which is roughly ambient temp in my beer cellar. Check out how the color has lightened!

Here’s the recipe I used (which is this guy’s recipe with a few tweaks):


Batch size 5.5 gallons
Boil size 7.5 gallons
Boil time 65 minutes
Grain weight 16.5 pounds
Efficiency 65%
Original gravity 1.067
Final gravity 1.016 ???
Alcohol (by volume) 7.0% ???
Bitterness (IBU) 20
Color (SRM) 6.1°L
2 liquid packs, 2400 ml starter
White Labs
German Lager
16.5 pounds
    36ppg, 1.7-2.1°L
12 pounds
    35ppg, 3.3°L
3 pounds
Munich (Light)
    34ppg, 8.3°L
1 pound
    37ppg, 23-31°L
0.5 pounds
2 ounces
Perle hops
    7.8%, Pellet
1 ounce
Hallertauer hops
    4.1%, Whole
1 ounce
85 minutes, 9.2 gallons
    Target 152°F
6.2 gallons
85 minutes (+0)
    Target 170°F
3.0 gallons
60 minutes, 6.5 gallons
Hallertauer hops
    4.1%, Whole
1 ounce
60 minutes (+0)
Perle hops
    7.8%, Pellet
1 ounce
15 minutes (+45)

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