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NBA brew club update

Lots of cool stuff going on with the Nordeast Brewers Alliance over the past few months. We voted in an executive committee to keep the club organized and moving ahead (I’m VP of communications haha!), got membership cards so we can start taking advantage of brew shop discounts, drafted some by-laws, had a few fruitful and informative meetings, gained some new members and are planning events for the remainder of 2012. Check out all the updates on our blog: or “like” the club on Facebook:

We have roughly 20 members so far but are looking for more. Meetings are always at Pracna on Main in Northeast Minneapolis on the third Saturday of each month – 4:00 to 6:00pm (2/18 is the next one). Come check out a meeting if you live in the area! Newbies are welcome to sit in.

Membership cards arrived on 1/20:

Some members of the ExComm drafting by-laws (we didn’t make everyone sit through the boring stuff):


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