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Pizzeria Lola still going strong a year after opening

Glad to see Pizzeria Lola is still going strong a year after opening! Here’s a review of Lola I wrote last January just after it opened. It was very busy in there last Friday. We got there around 5:30pm and still had to wait 10-15 min. for a seat. Their owner was present on the pizza assembly line that night, keeping an eye on the shop.

My wife and I managed to get the best seats in the house Friday night: at the bar right next to the taps. Those seats are a beautiful marriage of being able to see right into the huge copper wood-fired pizza oven and attentive drink service. Another plus during the cold winter months is that these seats are the warmest in the house. It was fun watching this dude manage all the pizzas cooking inside, constantly adjusting their positions for even heat distribution:

The Deschutes Black Butte Porter I ordered went especially well with a winter evening spent in front of a warm pizza oven with the wife and fetus (due 2/14!). Check out Lola in south Minneapolis if you haven’t already, but make sure to show up early or be prepared to stand there waiting for a while.


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