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Maibark update

Recently, I transferred the maibock batch to a warmer room after fermentation slowed 11 days in. Within those first 11 days, it fermented for 3 to 5 days at 56* then worked it’s way down to 51* for the rest as activity slowed. I then moved the batch to a warmer room on 1/26 where it stayed for about 9 days (until 2/4/12), working it’s way from 57* to 60* for the diacetyl rest step so that the lager yeast could clean up the undesirable by-products of fermentation.

Today (2/4), I transferred the batch to secondary and will work it down to lagering temperatures over the next few days. The gravity was between 8.75 and 8.5 brix (1.016-1.015). Based on the OG of 1.067, this batch is sitting right around 7.1% ABV right now. I plan to lager it for 5 weeks, bottling it 3/10 or 3/11 so it’ll be completely bottle conditioned by May.

I tasted it today. Very lager-esque, naturally. Not my favorite style of beer but I’m sure I’ll still love it all the same once it’s finished. Also, it’ll mellow out in time via said lagering. Didn’t taste any weird off-flavors so that’s good! I think primary fermentation went quite well. Thanks basement winter temperatures.


2 responses

  1. Its looking pretty nice so far. I really want to make a Maibock but don’t want to buy all that yeast. Guess I’ll just suck it up and DO IT!

    February 5, 2012 at 1:51 am

  2. Hey Andrew, thanks for checking out my blog! I used just two vials of WLP830 and did roughly 2,400 ml for a yeast starter. Not too expensive. You’d think it would be a pretty vigorous fermentation (and tasting the results I think it went well, having gone from 1.067 down to 1.015 in three weeks), but these lager fermentations never go as crazy as ale fermentations at higher temps. Much more fun to watch an ale fermentation go nuts.

    Just get two packs and do a starter. That works well in my experience. I’m sure even more would be even better though.

    February 5, 2012 at 9:58 am

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