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Great job on your tap list Sun Street Breads!

My wife and I checked out the new Sun Street Breads for breakfast on a recent Sunday morning. The sourdough pancakes I had were quite tasty. The place was bustling with activity, quite popular as well-rated new Minneapolis breakfast joints are wont to be. Turns out they do lunch and dinner as well and boast a small but selectively tasty bottle and tap beer list. Check it out:

Beers on Tap $5

  • SURLY Cynic Ale
  • FULTON Sweet Child O’ Vine
  • RUSH RIVER Lyndale Brown Ale
  • FOUNDERS Centennial IPA

Bottled Beers $5

  • BELLS Two Hearted Ale
  • BELLS Porter
  • BELLS Oarsman
  • FOUNDERS Red’s Rye IPA
  • LAKE SUPERIOR Kayak Kolsch
  • VICTORY Prima Pils
  • VICTORY Hop Wallop IPA

No, I did not have any with breakfast. But were I to pair my sourdough cakes with any of these, I think I’d go with Bell’s Oarsman, a light and tart ale in the Berliner Weisse style. The slight sourness would compliment the sourdough quite nicely.


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