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Fitger’s brew pub

During the week between Christmas and New Years, my wife and I were up at Lutsen with some friends. On the way back, we stopped for lunch at… where else but Fitger’s Brew Pub in Duluth. I’ve been to Fitger’s a few times before, but that was years ago before my beer obsession firmly took hold.

Being that it was only lunch, I didn’t have opportunity to go too wild. I found a perfect pairing for my elk burger and fries though – a low alcohol, cask-conditioned mild ale. Opportunities to enjoy this traditional English session beer served on cask in the states are few and far between, so even though I know I’m not super fond of milds, I had one anyway. It did what it was supposed to do – served as a display for the roasted malts used. Very little hop profile, restrained body, smooth mouthfeel due to the cask conditioning, good stuff. I still won’t say I like milds, however. They just come off roasty to me and not much else. Very one-sided. Decent choice for a light lunch beer though. 🙂

Oh, I had their 8% ABV scotch ale as well (I wasn’t driving home, so why not?), which really had too much of a roasty profile and should have been called a “scottish” ale. I wasn’t that impressed but maybe it was because of maligned expectations based on chosen nomenclature. No offense, none taken. I also took a sip of their chili pepper-infused lager. I’d been interested in trying a chili beer for a while and I’m very glad I was able to. I will NEVER try one again. Not fun. I like my drink to wash away the burning of chili peppers, not for the drink to encourage it. No thanks, not for me.

The food was delicious and it was cool to see the brewer taking gravity readings from various batches as we ate. I’ll definitely go back the next time I find myself in Duluth for a meal. I appreciate their passion for beer and willingness to try recipes that are a bit outside the norm.


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  1. Fitger’s is a great place to go when in Duluth.

    January 8, 2013 at 5:11 pm

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