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Sour beer flocculation

It was kinda cool to watch the WLP-510 Bastogne ale yeast flocculate out of the sour beer (11 lbs. modified pilsner, 2 lbs malted wheat) recipe as ferment completed. It changed color in a definitive manner three pronounced times. After pitch to primary fermentation color, primary fermentation color to a darker color once transferred to secondary and finally a slightly darker color (and clearer) yet again a week after being transferred to secondary. The pics below were taken over a few days during the second of the three pronounced changes. Check it out:

Going lower…

Annnd full color change:

A weee bit of fermentation still going on in secondary:


One response

  1. lynda wright

    Like the sweater…many good memories

    May 6, 2012 at 12:36 am

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