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Dry humor…

Have you ever had a saison that was too dry? I just took a refract reading while transferring my SOB 2.0 to secondary after 9 days at 72 ramped up to 78 degrees. Mash target was 147 but ended up being between 143-146. 1 lb table sugar in a 12.5 lb grain bill batch…

The refractometer wouldn’t register! At all! There isnt a reading to correct off of (if I assume it’s straight zero and a 1.055 OG, that puts me at 0.97 after correcting for alcohol and temp, and roughly 7.3% ABV). It’s basically telling me there is no sugar left. It all fermented. Upon tasting, I’d agree. I was hoping it’d end at like 1.005 or something, was aggressive in trying to ensure the batch would be dry because I’d read that too much body in saisons is the most common flaw. I succeeded, and then some. It’s spicy and almost evaporates off the tongue…

Have you ever over-fermented a beer? If so, did you compete the beer and how did it do? Comment below to discuss!

Cold crashing the saison (far right), empty keg awaiting cleaning and the saison (middle) and an oktoberfest that has been lagering for two months (far left)


One response

  1. No such thing as too dry with a saison in my opinion, it will be delicious!


    August 3, 2012 at 1:12 am

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