Searching for the line between "hobby" and "obsession"

Beers from the cellar

I recently drank a few “vintage” Barking Dog beers from the cellar. The first was on my recent saison brew day, where I found it incredibly appropriate to chill up a saison I brewed back in February of 2011.

LOVE how clear these get in time. I noticed a slight reduction / dimming of flavor, but nothing extreme. Still very spicy.

Another one I tried last week for kicks was a red lager I brewed in December of 2010. 2010!!

It still tasted quite good and was incredibly clear, despite the fact that my cellar temps range from 50*-70* depending on the season. No where near lagering temps, that’s for sure (don’t take that to mean this wasn’t lagered prior to bottling – it was).

Oh, and speaking of the cellar, it recently received an addition of some Surly SYX. At what point does this turn from “collecting” to “hoarding?” Not sure, but I do love pulling an older bottle out like this from time to time to see how the beer has matured.


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