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The neighborhood drank all my saison

I lugged a keg of saison and CO2 out into the street for my neighborhood’s annual National Night Out gathering on 8/7/12. The keg was full, save for maybe two beers I’d pulled off a few days before. Based on years prior, I didn’t expect my neighbors to be big drinkers. I was thinking they’d go through two or maybe three gallons. Once a few people really got to drinking it, the word spread and pretty soon most everyone was giving my saison a try. I was glad, as I think it’s one of the better beers I’ve done. Fermented fully and at a lower temperature so the yeast esters were present but not crazy out of control. Very important, given that this beer had been brewed just 16 days prior.

I’d never seen my neighbors this “social” before! When I grabbed the keg at the end of the night, I was very surprised as to how light it felt… The pic I’ve included here is from a few nights later when I used my Blichman Beer Gun to bottle the rest of the keg. How many bottles were left, you ask? FOUR. Jesus freakin’ H. Christ. The neighborhood downed about 4.5 gallons in about three hours. “Baxter, I’m not mad. I’m impressed!” 

I’ve gotta make more of this stuff.

Oh – p.s. – you may notice in the picture that I picked up a few more kegs.  Chad from my homebrew club fronted the money to order 40 kegs and replacement 0-ring sets for members of the club to buy from him at cost, which was only $45 each. Much better deal than at the local brew shops (if you can even find used kegs there anymore). I was originally going to just get one but got persuaded into two, so now I have three in total. That should be enough for the foreseeable future… I think.


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