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Indian Pale Ale

I had some colleagues from India visit on a work trip in early September. Of course, when they asked what I would like them to bring from India, I requested spices… for brewing. This presents the perfect opportunity to make an IndiaN pale ale! How could I pass it up? I must admit, I’m not very knowledgeable regarding Indian cuisine so I had my brew club help draft a list of requests based on their culinary experience. Here is everything I received:

Since the hop harvest/brew day timing didn’t quite work out this year, I ended up drying all the hops I picked. In effect, I’m sort of combining my hop harvest pale ale into this Indian-spiced concoction of a brew day this year. However, I am still playing it safe. No spices will be added until secondary fermentation and I think I will buy smaller secondary fermenters to split the batch in half, dry-hopping both but only spicing one. This way I’ll still have some unadulterated homegrown hopped IPA and not too much spiced beer (incase it turns out over-spiced). Haven’t quite decided what spice I will add yet, but I’m leaning towards just the amchoor powder (dried mango). I’m thinking it could add a complimentary citrus/fruity note.

Here’s the base recipe (grain bill from Brewing Classic Styles, hops dictated by my homegrown supply, save for the magnum bittering addition I had lying around) and pics from the 10/7/12 brew day:

Indian Pale Ale

5.35 gallons
All Grain
1.067~OG→1.0??~FG→??%ABV 105 IBU 7.8°L SRM
2000 ml starter 36 hrs. prior
1056 – American Ale
Wyeast (Ale)
2 smack packs
15.75 pounds
2 Row Base
36ppg, 2°L
12.75 pounds
Caramel 20L
34ppg, 20°L
1 pound
Sugar – Cane (in boil at 20″)
41ppg, 0°L
1 pound
Munich (Light)
33ppg, 8°L
12 ounces
Crystal 60L
33ppg, 50-60°L
4 ounces
8.67 ounces
12%, Pellet
1 ounce
10%, Leaf
3.5 ounces
13%, Leaf
2.75 ounces
6%, Leaf
1.42 ounces
90 minutes, 9.75 gallons
Hit  target of 149-150°F
5 gallons
+ 1 gallon
90 minutes
Strike #2 3.75 gallons
20 minutes
70 minutes, 8.5 gallons
Magnum hops
12%, Pellet
1 ounce
60 minutes (+5)
Chinook hops (homegrown)
13%, Leaf
2.75 ounces
30 minutes (+35)
Centennial (70%), Chinook (30%) hops (homegrown)
10%, Leaf
3.5 ounces
3 minutes (+62)
14 days @ 68°F
Cascade hops
6%, Leaf
1.42 ounces
7 days (+7 days)

1056 – two packs grown up on a stir plate the day prior, then cold-crashed overnight and decanded most of the volume on brew day

7.25 oz of hops into the boil on brew day, 6.25 were whole, homegrown hops. Here’s a pic of the aftermath.

IPA (R) and cider 18 days after pitch and still bubbling a bit (L). Fermentation temp will start off around 68-70*


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